If you have a podcast, and you want it to stay competitive in market then you need it mastered.  Levels have to be adjusted, not to loud and not too low, sometimes to meet specific specifications.  Many times you recorded it in a not so ideal location.   We can remove that hum or buzz and clean up the audio and give it a polished sound.  We can provide consistency with all your episodes, and give broadcast quality. 

We have many years in audio post production in Toronto Canada, and have worked on hundreds of lifestyle/reality episodes for various broadcasters, feature films, and corporate and branded content.  We are masters of editing raw audio and noise reduction.  Meeting high level network and distribution quality control standards is routine for us.   Let us make it easy for you.


A few thing we offer:

  • Very fast turnaround - we are highly skilled dialog and sound effects editors with the proper tools and software
  • Noise removal - we use the latest noise reduction software for hums, clicks, and pops
  • Custom quotes for your particular needs
  • Competitive rates
  • Discounts for multi episode series
  • Proper mix levels mastered for all mediums and platforms
  • Consistency between episodes
  • Equalization so dialogue doesn't sound too crispy or boomy
  • Encoding - we can deliver any file format, sample rate, and bitrate you require
  • We can work completely independently through online management
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Standard Services

$1 per minute of content

Up to 5 dialog edits of your choice

Intro/Outro/Sponsorship breaks

Mastering - Leveling, noise reduction, eq

ID3 Tags

Upload audio to host

72 hour turnaround

Advanced Services

$3 per minute of content

Full dialog edit

  • removing um's aww's, pops, clicks, pauses
  • proper fades on cuts
  • smoothing out cuts

Intro/Outro/Sponsorship breaks

Mastering - Leveling, noise reduction, eq

ID3 Tags

Upload audio to host

1 round of reviews

48 hour turnaround time

A La Carte Services

Music Sourcing

Sound Design and Effects


Show Notes

If there are any other services you need to request we are happy to work with you on integrating it into our workflow!

Send us a quick message to set up a consultation and we can guide you through the post production process.

For inquiries please email Steve@texturessound.com