What We Do

Textures Sound is just one in a collective of numerous engineers with access to full service post-production facilities with state-of-the-art mix rooms, a foley pit, and industry standard equipment with Dolby, THX and SMPTE capabilities.  We can scale our work flow to match your needs, with larger in house post-production, to completely online for fast turnaround online media.

Foley Post City Sound Toronto

Production Recording/Mixing

Capturing the cleanest sound in the roughest environments with the best equipment available, and to the highest standards of professionalism, your production sound is the heart of your story.

ADR & Voiceover

ADR for replacing noisy on-location dialogue with clear and natural sounding recordings to bring the performance back to life.


Our Foley pit is capable of re-creating subtle, realistic sounding effects that serve as the backdrop of your story.  Necessary for international releases and after dialogue replacement, foley is a fine craft that you will never know its there until its missing.

360° VR Audio

We produce head tracking audio for any and all 360°  video content!  First we capture your audio with our spatialized ambisonic mic, then we mix and master your video with the latest in head-tracking technology to give it the most life-like experience.

Sound Editorial & Design

When creating soundscapes, we have a massive effects library, over 250,000, or 1.5 TB at fingers reach to bring your story to life.  Your sound effects are critical, from subtle sweeteners to enhance emotional moments to over the top sonic eruption for those roaring action sequences.

5.1 Surround Mixing/Mastering

Using Dolby calibrated systems, we create an immersive multimedia experience to deliver standardized network-ready and theatrical releases

Noise Reduction

The dialogue is the backbone of your project, and if the background is too loud, the story gets lost. We use the latest and greatest software and plugins to assess and cleanup noisy recordings.