EMF SFX Library

Our latest library, Electromagnetic Fields, is what happens when our devotions to sonic discovery and our curiosity of electronic circuitry meet. After hearing about the “Electrosluch” for the first time and experiencing the kinds of sounds it was capable of capturing, I was blown away!

Our parts for our homemade electrosleusch. Great for sound design cutting in user interface (UI)

At this same time I began experimenting with electronic components, and attempted to make my own contact microphone—well, I did end up making a functioning contact microphone, but it was very underwhelming. The circuitry was supposed to balance the impedance from the piezo disk to the recorder, giving it a broader frequency response. The schematic I found online even stated it was perfect solution for amplifying acoustic guitars. Well, I won’t be using it on my acoustic guitar that’s for sure!

Feeling slightly defeated, but not yet ready to give up, I found a schematic online for an electrosluch. I dedicated an evening to building it in my basement, and much to my surprise, it worked! Now feeling like Benjamin Franklin, I just needed to build an enclosure for my new creation. I scoured my junk-filled basement for any small case or box but came up empty. The next closest room was my kitchen, so without anything to lose I started opening all the cupboards. I was just about to give up when I found a small tin of tea and the top to a container of spices. Some precision work with a knife and a couple sticks of glue later it was ready!

I tested it on anything I could find with a current running through it. I was amazed at how each object had its own unique internal sound. The sound design possibilities are endless with what this thing can pick up. As soon as you hear something out of this device your creative mind starts to race. With some objects you could even play it like an instrument; by moving the electrosluch around the circuit board you can drastically change the tonal qualities you’re picking up. You can play with the volume too by moving it closer or far away. As this device continues to grow in popularity, I wonder when it’ll appear on a top 40 song! I’m not holding my breath for that, but I do recommend anyone out there to try one out—I guarantee you’ll be impressed with what you can accomplish with it!


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