Stationery SFX Library

How many times have I had to cut a page turn, or a paper crumple, only to find one option in my library—and it’s not even be the right one? This has been a frustrating problem too for writing; there are so many different variables. The type of pen/pencil, the thickness of paper, and the surface it’s on all plays a big part in the sound. All these things are simple enough to record, but you don’t always have a microphone handy, or the time to edit and import it into your session. In fact, Steve brought up the fact that when we were cutting a documentary from China on calligraphy, we needed very specific brush sounds to cut in which we struggled to find.

Our Foley stationery library is great for cutting sound effects.

We thought it would be a great idea to eliminate this inconvenience from our workflow by recording an entire library of sounds like these; a library to cover all the bases when it comes to classroom or office supplies. And so we collected all the props we could find at home, and also paid a visit to the closest Dollarama. We spent quite a few day’s in our Foley pit recording, and after mastering, here we are!

Post production sound is a very detailed and precise part of the creative process. That’s why this level of organization and attention is needed to expand our sound effects library to a point where it can not only save us time, but also enhance the realism to where no one notices the amount of effort we’ve gone to in the first place!


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